We offer our services all over the world, supporting the construction, expansion, renovation and merger of hospitals and clinics.
Comprehensive healthcare solutions
Besides offering our services for specific healthcare projects, AMPC can also support you in developing comprehensive solutions for particular healthcare areas.
To effectively address health issues such as chronic diseases or maternal and newborn mortality and morbidity in a region or country, a wide range of interventions might be called for, from prevention efforts to screening and diagnostics and from various forms of treatment to rehabilitation. A continuum of care is necessary to ensure an impact on both the individual well-being of patients and on health statistics in a certain city, region or country. The building blocks of a comprehensive solution always depend on the local context. Therefore, our first step is always to carry out a thorough baseline study and market survey to be able to adapt international best practice to the specific context. The design of an integral healthcare programme will not only depend on the results of the baseline study, but also on providing an effective and realistic solution within the budgetary and operational possibilities of our client.
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