Arjan van Bergeijk
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Arjan van Bergeijk
Arjan van Bergeijk (1974) studied International Technological Development Studies at the Eindhoven University of Technology. While writing his thesis he spent almost a year in Tanzania, where he learnt what it is like to live and work in a developing economy. He also completed a continuation course in International Environmental Management and Policy at the University of Evora, Portugal. He has been involved in projects in countries such as Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Tanzania, Nepal and Sri Lanka.
"I started working at AMPC in 2007. I was fully involved from the start, meaning that I gained my experience in the field. I currently manage projects from the identification stage up to implementation and am mainly active in Latin America and Africa. With my background in international development processes, I can fully capitalise on my expertise.
Working in countries that are in transition means that you are dealing with the basic principles of the healthcare system. The international context is very interesting as well. When working abroad, you have to take divergent social and cultural aspects into account. By definition all people have a different perspective on problems; this becomes even more apparent when working in different cultures. Often the solutions to these problems are the same as in the Netherlands, but how you get to them is usually different.
In the past years I have learned which course to take in order to reach those solutions and to adapt my perspective to the local context, which is only possible if you always listen to what the people around you have to say. Our strength lies in being able to translate local customs into a project proposal that can become truly successful as a result.
In our work we are confronted with parties with different interests, which we need to weigh up against each other, while it is in our interest to maintain unity, allowing us to successfully conclude the project. Because we are one of the few independent consultancy agencies in our sector, we are able to focus purely on the end result: improving healthcare in a country by building a hospital or clinic.
Our approach is characterised by a strong sense of responsibility and unequalled commitment. We do not have a 9 to 5 mentality and have an instinctive duty to produce results. Our aim is to deliver a perfect end product, a successful project. Until this has been achieved our work is not done."
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