Nigeria - Equipment services for a new 300-bed specialist hospital in Kaduna State
2015 - ongoing
Nigeria - Equipment services for a new 300-bed specialist hospital in Kaduna State
Despite the presence of several primary and secondary care hospitals in Kaduna State, there is a shortage of tertiary facilities, especially after a teaching hospital moved to a neighbouring state. The Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) realized that this created a critical vacuum in the referral network and decided upon the establishment of a new public hospital to function as a tertiary referral hospital in Kaduna State.
The Kaduna Hospital will have 300 beds, allocated on 9,92 hectares with the project well underway for the establishment of a ground and first floor built on 16.723 m² by 2017. The hospital and its equipment will be owned by the FGN but will be operated by the Ministry of Health of Kaduna State. The Ministry of Finance of the FGN requested the Islamic Development Bank to participate in financing the procurement of medical and non-medical equipment for the new Hospital for estimated value of USD 36.10 million.
The Project Management Unit (PMU) of Kaduna’s MoH will be responsible for procuring the required furniture, fixtures, finishes and equipment (FFF&E). AMPC was requested to provide services to ensure that the procurement and installation of medical and non-medical equipment and furniture aligns seamlessly with the construction and finishing works. AMPC’s consultancy services will further include equipment pre-installation and installation monitoring services and commissioning.   
To plan and support the procurement of the required furniture, fixtures, finishes and equipment for the new 300-beds Kaduna Hospital.
The approach proposed by AMPC for the FFF&E procurement passes through several phases. First of all, a functional requirements study will be carried out, including an analysis of the existing drawings of the hospital, its medical services plan and technical and regulatory requirements. The existing equipment planning will be revised, improved and updated in line with the re-designed layouts of the hospital building. Within a framework of International Competitive Bidding, the best possible procurement strategy will be decided upon and carried out, including the selection of suppliers and contract negotiations. Subsequently, the suppliers’ activities will be monitored, including delivery tracking, installation, commissioning and user training, and coordination with the construction contractor will take place to monitor the execution of pre-installation works and to ensure timely opening of the Kaduna Hospital.
This project is currently ongoing.
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